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Fly: Pericardial Nephrocyte (FBbt_00005058)

Fly pericardial nephrocyte is a cell type that forms the outer layer of the Drosophila dorsal vessel. Pericardial nephrocyte is podocyte-like and has been used to model and study human podocytes.

Fly nephrocyte graphic

Above is a graphic of fly nephrocytes (Reference: https://droso4schools.wordpress.com/organs/). Copyright: Andreas Prokop.

FBbt ID: FBbt_00005058, FBbt:00005058

    FBbt definition: Cell which forms the outer layer of the dorsal vessel. [database_cross_reference: FlyBase:FBrf0207370][database_cross_reference: FlyBase:FBrf0089570]

    Synonyms: pericardial cell; pericardial nephrocyte

    Cross-reference to Cell Ontology term: CL_0000474.

Cell Hierarchy (defined by FBbt):

    pericardial cell hierarchy according to the Drosophila gross anatomy (FBbt):

pericardial cell hierarchy

Above is a graphic of pericardial cell hierarchy (source: screenshot from Ontobee). Later on we will show a cell hierarchy with live links to other cell types. Also, a nice graphic cell hierarchy is seen here.

Anatomical Location:

    Pericardial nephrocytes are located at and indeed form the outer layer of the dorsal vessel.

    Check: 3D architecture of pericardial nephrocytes in D. melanogaster revealed by FIB/SEM tomography.

Cell Biomarkers:

    Drosophila has two nephrin orthologues - sticks and stones (sns) and hibris (hbs) and two neph1 orthologues - dumbfounded (duf) and roughest (rst) (Ref: PMC2687078).

Cell Differentation and Lineage:

    Drosophila Klf15 (dKlf15, previously known as Bteb2), is critical for the development and differentiation of Drosophila nephrocytes (Ref: PMC4547745). Klf15 is a transcription factor required for mammalian podocyte differentiation.

Cell Type Evolution Among Organisms:

    Fly pericardial nephrocyte is analogous to many cells in other organisms:

    Note that a major difference to the mammalian kidney is that these nephrocytes have no connection to the tubular system of Drosophila that independently generates, modifies, and finally excretes urine into the intestinal lumen. Ref: PMCID: PMC5725439.

Related Key Gene Ontology Terms:

Neighborhood cell types:

    There are two distinct Drosophila nephrocyte populations: the pericardial nephrocytes along the heart tube and the garland cell nephrocytes in a garland-like ring around the esophagus. Ref: PMCID: PMC5725439.

Gene Expression Profiles:

Pathways and Functional Maps:

    More to add. Stay tuned ...


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