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Podocyte Literature Mining

This document contains our literature mined results related to podocyte. The contents are generated using our ontology-based CAP-LM (Cell Annotation Pipeline - Literature Mining) tool.

Note: This page is an illustrative web page for our CAP-LM tool development for CellCards.

Podocyte-associated Genes and Proteins

Using the BioLitMine, we identified 2,297 human genes named in 668 publications indexed with the MESH term "podocyte". See more details in the specific BioLiteMine link here.

Podocyte-associated Gene-gene or Protein-protein Interactions

Using the Dignet dynamic gene interaction literature mining program, we have identified over 700 podocyte-associated gene-gene interactions.

Furthermore, we have developed a SciMinor and BioBERT-based literature mining program, and used it to identify more podocyte-associated gene interactions from the PubMed literature. More information will be provided soon.

Podocyte Biomarkers Mined from the literature

    As seen in the Podocyte Cell Card page, 4 podoctye biomarkers are identified, including:

    Literature mined sentences on the podocyte-related biomarkers:

    More to add. Stay tuned ...

Podocyte Functions mined from the Literature

    More to come ...

Podocyte Cell Lineage related Literature Mining

    This section includes the following parts:

    More to come ...

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